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I met Mervin in LA and was immediately taken by his passion and enthusiasm for his craft. I found that his curiosity for the inner workings of the industry and its technical aspects set him apart from the rest of his peers. I had the opportunity of working with Mervin on a few recordings at Musicians Institute. He engineered and co-produced one of my band’s tracks and recorded another solo track for me. His skill and attention to detail in my opinion is what makes him an incredible asset to any organization. Furthermore, he also offered me a chance to work with David Issac who is a legendary producer. It is all this and more that confirms my confidence in Mervin as an ace engineer and producer.

Sid Srinivasan Guitarist/Producer - Junkyard Groove, A.R Rahman, David Issac | Shared stage with Machinehead, Mr.Big, Incubus

“Mervin has been one of the most refreshing engineers that I’ve worked with. Having an engineer who is confident in his knowledge of various consoles and outboard gear is paramount to the creative process. As a producer working with Mervin on a number of projects I found it very easy to communicate with him, and as a result the sound we were striving for was achieved. His level of professionalism and preparation did not go unnoticed. I would work with Mervin again in a heartbeat.”

Nathaniel W James Producer, Keyboardist, Engineer - Canada

“Mervin is passionate about music and audio and has dedicated himself to engineering and producing great projects. His talents will surely benefit any project he works on.”

Adam Kagan Grammy® Winning Mix Engineer/Producer - Gladys Knight, The Swedish House Mafia

“I met Mervin when he attended Musicians Institute. He was the perfect student, always ready to learn and apply what he was taught. I had the opportunity to watch Mervin engineer a session and he made me proud. Efficient, and the track sounded great! Going forward, I know that Mervin will be an incredible engineer, and the perfect member to any team.”

Dave Isaac GRAMMY®-Winning Producer/Engineer - Madonna, Marcus Miller, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin