These are the Tools required by a Sound Engineer,

  •  A Powerful Computer: A good and stable computer is always necessary in order to keep your work going without any hassle.  Mac platform is considered as industry standard and a Macbook Pro would be an apt investment.
  •  A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Protools and Logic are the main DAWs that are very common in the industry. However, there are tons of DAWs from different brands. Protools will work on both Mac and Windows platform, but, Logic will only work on Macintosh operating systems.
  •  A Good pair of Headphones: Know your sound ! A good pair of reference headphones will always come in handy for every sound engineer. Be it for Mixing, Recording or listening to music, every audiophile will have his/her personal pair of headphones. Beyer Dynamics DT 770 Pro and Audio Technica ATH M50X are a few personal favorites.
  •  A Hard Drive: You are responsible for your data ! At all times carry your data with you on a portable hard drive. A professional hard drive runs at 7200rpm and must at least have USB 3.0 or thunderbolt connectivity.
  •  An Audio Interface: In order to start recording your production, one needs a good interface(also known as Sound Cards). Tons of interfaces are available in the market based on the number of inputs and outputs. Kindly connect with us for free recommendations.
  • Studio Monitors: A pair of great sounding monitors are always an exotic piece of gear in every studio, both project and professional. As students one has to decide based on factors such as the listening environment, room size, budget etc. Fluid Audio F5s and JBL LSR305s are a personal favorite and are being used by most of our students. Kindly connect with us for great deals.

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